Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Im Stuffed...

Every year around thanksgiving time i make sure that i eat as little as possible so that when thanksgiving day comes i will be starving and i will be able to cram all that fatty food down! But this year was a little different... I continued on my usual diet up until thanksgiving but on thanksgiving day my appetite didn't seem to be with me! I loaded my plate with potatoes, turkey, ham, mac and cheese, you name it, but as i sat down to actually eat the food i wasnt hungry. Disappointing, yes. There was no hunger, no need to eat. Last night as i was thinking about spiritual growth thanksgiving 2010 came to mind. God uses needs and hunger as a means to our growth. as John Darby once said ," Philosophy and wisdom never found out God; He makes Himself known through our needs; necessity finds Him out." Once we realize this our needs should become priceless to us! Without some sort of spiritual hunger we can not feast upon our Lord Jesus Christ. As Matthew 5:6 says," Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be filled." Often times new, baby Christians are pressured to grow in their faith, without awareness of their needs. This also works vice versa, those who have needs are not offered any spiritual food! All this to say that salvation and sanctification must come only when needs are made aware. This may take years upon years to be realized, but that is ok. Often we take to the streets bible in hand, and Evangelical outline memorized ready to go win people to Christ yet we forget human need. One must first be broken down before he can be built up again. This bit of truth has played a huge roll in my life lately. I have been trying to share Christ with a friend of mine at school yet i neglect the fact that he is unaware of his needs. I throw scripture, prayer and facts at him yet nothing changes. It will not be until he realizes his wicked depravity and his need for Christ that he will come to actually know Him. This work of planting needs in people is not done by us though,it is God who works in man. As much as i would like for my friend to realize his needs soon i am beginning to realize that i can not rush God's timing for this. When God wishes to make a simple squash He takes six months yet when He makes a magnificent oak tree it can take hundreds of years! So for now i will pray that God will work in Him and past my empty words. In fact, this should be all of our prayer ( even if it can be a risky one) God, wont you reveal those needs to us? Spark the fire, and give us appetite, we wish to be filled.

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