Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Anatomy of Ministry

As i have had a lot of time on my hands lately ( about 27 hours of drive time :P) i have been thinking about my life and all i wish to do with it. During these musings a single word pops into my head: ministry. Its what i want to do. its what i live for, its my passion and my desire. The church, though, has demented the meaning of this word. As i now see it and how i used to see it are grossly different. Years of use of this word has evolved the definition into no longer a biblical one, but a fleshly one. It has become such a complex thing that the church only allows it for the "high and mighty", the rich, the powerful, the strong, the smart, and the biblical scholars. Anymore it seems as if there are few people who are "ministry capable." I must confess, i am one of the guiltiest of this. Recently my friend and i were talking about this girl who wished to start an inner-church ministry. Immediately my friend said "oh, she doesn't have enough biblical knowledge" and i of course agreed. We simply wrote her off as "ministry incapable." As time goes by though God is starting to show me how sicking this really is. It should make us all sick to our stomach. Ministry is not to be complicated any longer. In fact it is as simple as this: love. That's all it should be. When taking this view to the world i see that it is those who the church has written off that accomplish this the most. It is the weak who shame the strong, the poor who shame the rich. We see in 1st corinthians 1:26-31 Paul describing this very thing. The greatest example of this is Jesus Himself. He came into this world as a baby, the weakest of the weak, and became a carpenter, a very humble career. In the social standing he was pretty much at the bottom. Even still He managed to save the world.... forever. He simply loved. He understood the power, the simplicity, and the importance of love. This should be our concept of ministry. No longer should there be these standards of ministry. The bar has been set too high for most to reach and this is not how God intended it to be. We as the church must return to the spirit of love. After all, "all we need is love"


  1. Love wins! (Sorry I just was reading up on the whole Rob Bell thing, but that conversation can wait for another entry) Anyways, good thoughts. I might even add that more basic to love would be someone willing to sacrifice themselves to live for God's will and make much of God, John 3:30. Anyone who is solely focused on doing God's will is going to act in love and will be ministering to others whether they have a title or not. I like where you are headed. One thing to keep in mind is that although churches often fall short that doesn't mean we should abandon them because God did create the Church and continues to use it despite its inadequacy.

  2. haha i knew rob bell would come up somewhere! i agree about sacrifice completely to Gods will; love will come naturally. As far as abandoning the church, not what i meant haha! the church is necessary. I just mean some of ideas of the church need reform. besides, that would put you out of a job ! :P

  3. Wow, I didn't mean to comment but your post said exactly what I've been realizing over the last few years. When I became involved in crisis pregnancy center ministry, I entered with no qualifications. I simply knew that God wanted me there. Lo and behold, two years later, He's done incredible things in my life, in the center, and in the lives of the women touched by the center! Currently, my Bible study is led by a young man who was not born with leadership characteristics; his whole personality says "background ministry." Over the years, I've seen God use him greatly and change him to become a better leader. If we were all qualified, why would we need God? God doesn't look for adequacy; He looks for faith and THEN He equips us to do His work. It's uncomfortable, frightening, humbling--but, man, it's so worth it to see God work powerfully through the most unlikely people!