Monday, April 11, 2011

Im Want to be Hungry....

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness for they will be filled" Matthew 5:6

Every day when i come home from school i have a strict schedule that i must follow.  I arrive home at 2:33. At 2:34 i go to the kitchen sink to wash my hands from all those gross school germs.  2:35, i get in the shower for exactly ten minutes.  2:45, get out, blow dry my hair, brush my teeth and all that good stuff.  Finally at 2:53 on the dot my hunger sets in. ( OK, this may be just a little over dramatic but stay with me!)  At this time of the day i crave food. but not just any food: Swiss cheese with vinegar and oil.  weird, i know. but its fantastic, try it!  This always holds my hunger off until dinner time, when once again the spirit of hunger strikes again.  Every day it goes like this.  I get hungry, i eat. I get hungry, i eat. I get hungry, i eat.  Same old same old.  My food only holds me off for a couple hours, i always have to go back for more in order to live.

When keeping this in mind Matthew 5:6 is seen in a different light.  God wants us to hunger, and thirst for Him and His righteousness.  Obviously.  But one thing that is not taken into account is the fact that God wants us to always hunger and thirst.  To hunger daily, to thirst daily.  Just like in my schedule, eating once does not satisfy forever.  I have to keep going back for more. 

As Christians we tend to live our life from high to high.  Relying on one amazing christian experience to carry us just far enough to the next.  Camps, conferences, and concerts are always flooded with Christians to get their next "high."  And don't get me wrong, these are by no means bad things!  But when we use them as "bread alone" we will not live.  Matthew 4:4 says that " Man shall not live on bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God."  Our spiritual life is only found when we return to Christ daily.  Just as a baby is cannot survive without his mothers umbilical chord, we can not survive spiritually without constantly abiding in Christ.

In Exodus 16 God limits the "congregation of the people of Israel" to one days serving of manna.  The reason?  So that He would know if they would walk in His law.  He wanted the people to make a conscious decision every day to walk in His law.  Now a days this equates to us walking in Him.  His desire is to have fellowship with us.  It is why we were created.  When we lose our hunger for Him he gets heart broke, the same way we do when friends no longer spend time with us.  It should be our prayer for hunger, and although this may hurt it is well worth it.


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  2. Ok, that was really good!

    All that you said has always been told to me, but you said it quite well. And, even tho I already knew it, I really needed to be reminded of it..We should be in want, and hungry for God all the time. Fill our souls with Him, and return to Him hourly. Even if in just prayer, we should long for Him as He longs for us to know Him.... So, thanks for posting that, and sharing it as well.

    God Bless,
    P.S. Sorry I deleted my previous comment, I didn't finish it thoroughly.

  3. We love to hear your heart Mr. Pitner. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow...I definitely agree! This was really well put Daniel! I feel like I do this a lot after concerts and bible studies. While Im there my focus is completely on God and I am able to shut out all the problems in my life. I can feel a strong hunger for a closer relationship with him that is impossible to ignore. After I go home and a sufficient amount of time has passed, I lose focus and hunger. I let things around me distract me and pull me away from God until the next bible study or concert when I am pulled back and feel the spark again. Never ending cycle that I pray I can break :/ You put the things that have been on my mind that I didnt know how to say into words. Thanks for posting this :)

  5. thanks for your comments, guys! i love to hear from you guys! :)