Monday, May 16, 2011

The Love of Free Will part 1

When i am at work i have a lot of time to people watch.  Some may view this as strange but i see it as a source of true entertainment. If you have never done it i would encourage you to go to a mall and just sit and watch people as they interact with each other and the things around them.  Not only is it entertaining but one can learn a lot about yourself and the way in which God works.  For example, this Saturday at work i was watching this little girl and her mom interact.  It was truly fascinating.  The little girl was playing on the bleachers and when she finally wanted to get down she went down to the second step and was about to step off.  Right then her mother said, " Mary, don't do that you will fall!"  But despite her mother's advice she tried to step down.  Sure enough, she fell seeing that it is a long way down for a 3 year old's little legs.  What i found interesting though is that she simply looking up to her mother to lift her up and her mom reached down to pick her up and put her back on the bleachers.  After a little while the girl was trying to get down again, and just like before the mom gave her motherly advice but did not keep her from falling.  The girl fell just like before and looked up to her mom to pick her up.  The mom reached down and brushed her daughter off with her loving mother's touch and put her back on the bleachers.  But sure enough ten minutes later the girl lost interest in sitting on the bleachers.  She decided to try to step down again, and her mother sitting there simply let her without trying to stop her.  Of course, she fell and of course her mother picked her up when called upon. 
           As i sat pondering this somewhat comical event i was reminded of the common question , " Why does God let bad things happen to good people?"  After witnessing such a thing i realized that God gives us the free will to let bad things happen to ourselves.  By the choices we make we decide the consequences that will follow.  But this blog post is not to answer that question, rather it is to ponder as to why God gives us the free will to fall.  It is not as if He does not tell us what to do, because i firmly believe that He is always speaking to us and giving us directions.  It is us who does not hear Him.  God is just like that mom and we are just like that little girl.  He is there to tell us what to do, or what not to do, but He is not there to keep us from falling.  The girl chose ,by the free will that her mother gave her, to try to step down anyways under her own power.  The interesting part though is that the mom was there to pick her up when the little girl asked.  It is the same with God: although He may let us fall, He will certainly be there to pick us up once we look up to Him for help.  God really does give us free will and the reason He does so is found in the reason He created us: to have fellowship with Him.   By letting us choose to fall He gives us the equal amount of choice not to fall.  This is the same for letting Him pick us back up.  If we did not have the free will to ask Him to pick us up it would not mean as much to Him, it is that simple.  We can know this because God created man in His own image: this means thought, love, and emotions.  With knowing this i think back to my childhood.  When one of my siblings said something disrespectful to me my mother would say, " Now (insert sibling name here) tell Daniel three positive things about him. "  As good intentioned as my mother was looking back i realize the emptiness of this.  Those three positive things that my siblings would tell me, or i would tell them, meant nothing because we were not given the free will to make those choices.  God has given us the free will of choice so that when we do choose to love Him it is that much better for Him, and for us.  With this in mind we can relay on one fact: God will always show us His wisdom and direction, but we will not always heed it.  In order to keep from falling like that little girl it is up to us to choose God and by this we can 1)show our love and 2) not get hurt.  Christianity in a whole must realize that yes God does allow us to fall but it really is only because He loves us.

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