Saturday, August 13, 2011


It's my dream. My every thought.  My hope. It's revival. 

Let's be honest.  Everyone of us wishes to see revival.  Everyone of us wants to see a people group return to the first love of Jesus Christ that they had so long ago.  It is something that is wired inside of us and something that touches us when it does happen.  But the question is: how do we get revival?  How do we get a church back on fire? How do we have a secular high school seek the will of God?  How do we have a country return to the morals and love for Christ that it once had?  These are the questions that always seem to daunt me.  They follow me everywhere and i can never seem to get them answered.  But during my time in Africa God taught me a thing or two about revival. 
      While i was in Kenya i noticed that seemingly everybody in church was on fire.  And not just a small fire, i'm talking a blazing inferno.  They are quick to strike up a biblical discussion.  They are quick to drop to their knees in prayer upon the Spirit's beckoning.  They are quick to go and seek the will of God.  It is truly incredible to see such a large people group still have their fire for Christianity.   As i sat down to think about this i asked God to show me why it is like that there in Kenya, but not here in the states.  The answer i received was very profound.  These people were born into poverty.  They have absolutely nothing.  The majority earn less than a dollar a day. They live in paper boxes, they don't have shoes.  They don't have clean water.  The list goes on , as you can imagine.  Now most would view this as a curse.  Most people (at least here in the states) would see this kind of poverty and never wish it upon anybody.  But God showed me otherwise. 
       Even the people that live in these conditions ( that's over 85% of the world!) do not view this kind of living as ideal. Almost all of them have a desire to go to America.  The thing is, they do not see the blessing that it is to have nothing.  God showed me that because these people have nothing they are then forced to relay on something other than themselves.  They must seek God for their help on a daily bases. 
      In America things are a little bit different.  We have money, and shelter, and food, and water, and everything else we need.  Even the poorest of poor in America have twenty fold of that some of the Kenyans do.  Some may see this as a good thing.  But upon my return i realized that this is not as much as a blessing as it is made out to be!  We have forgotten as to where all the things we have came from!  We have forgotten how we got to where we are now as a nation.  The reason that America is a super power now is because when our founding fathers came over, they had nothing.  But they sought n everything and for all of their strength.  But as time progressed this "story" was forgotten and now we find ourselves here, in a nation that has walked away from God.
      I believe this is our first step to revival:  remember where we came from.  We must not relay on our own understanding but in all of our ways acknowledge God.  That is our first step.
     I do, however, there is more work to be done.  One chapter that has really spoken volumes to me this summer is Leviticus 16.  God first spoke to me with this chapter during SMI this year. 
The way i look at this chapter is from the last verse first.  But before skipping to verse 34 the reader must first understand that in the previous 33 verses God lays out a list of things that Aaron must do before He will use Aaron to bring atonement to Israel.  Ok, verse 34:
            “This is to be a lasting ordinance for you: Atonement is to be made once a year for all the sins of the Israelites.”

      God wanted to use Aaron to do HUGE things.  And i firmly believe that God wishes for each and everyone of us in this to bring about revival.  But, one must notice that Aaron had to do a list of things before God could use him.  The same goes for us.  Now, i am not saying that we must go kill a goat and sprinkle the blood over temple.  Ya, that probably wouldn't go over so well, culturally speaking. But we can still learn from verses such as verse 11.  Aaron was first to make atonement for himself and then his family before moving onto bigger things.  The same principle applies to us.  We must first make ourselves right before the Lord before moving onto bigger things.  Before community revival is to be achieved individual revial must take place.  If we want to see revival on a big scale we must focus on the small scale i.e. ourselves.  We must return to the First Love.  After that we must focus on our family and bringing about revival in our family.  It is a building process.  This is the key to revival.
     We, the individual, must come clean before the Lord.  We must confess our sins.  We must remember where we came from. We must personally revive.  Then we can move onto bigger things.  This should be our prayer.

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