Saturday, February 25, 2012

Renewed Passion

Below is nothing more than simple musings late last night. Enjoy!

Current theology teaches that Christ may be "received " without creating any special love for Him in the receiver. The man is "saved " , but he is not hungry nor thirsty after God. In fact, he is specifically taught to be satisfied and is encouraged to be content with little . This faulty theology is creating a generation that is lukewarm with no desire to grow. If we wish to see a change in this generation we must begin with a reformation of fundamental biblical doctrine. The free gift that God gives is not merely salvation for this is just the entrance gate to the blessed life which God gives so graciously in His son. God's desire for man is not for him to simply stop upon the guarantee of eternal life-- as this is the current ongoing with my generation-- but His desire is for man kind to emerge himself into the abundant life that comes through knowledge of Him. True change in this generation will come when we appropriate the gift that is already inside of us and dive into God's being. This means that cheap devotion and quick bible readings will never completely deliver us to the place that we need to be. It will only be through a constant and intentional strive for the divine that will give us life. As we see in John 15 there is a positive outcome for those who choose to abide in Christ And a grave one for this who ignore this calling. It is most obvious,then , that God has much greater plans for our lives than what we are experiencing now; we are selling ourselves short for a cheap copy of the divine life that is already ours in Christ!
It reminds me of a story that I had heard quite some time day A very ambitious man came to the decision that he was going to trek the amazon river on foot- from west to east, from coast to coast. And so, without further thought he embarked on this journey with little preparation. He knew the dangers that lay ahead but he cared not for he knew the potential glory and reward that could come from this journey. And so he walked. And continued to walk until days turned into weeks, weeks into months and months into years. By this time in the man's treacherous journey all provesions previously stored had come to end. The soles on his shoes were worn ,leaving his feet bare and covered in cuts and sores. The shirt on his back had long since disappeared leaving his back expose to the blistering sun of South America . But despite his grave condition he pressed forward towards his goal knowing that the finite pain and torment that he suffered then would not compare to the infinite reward he would soon receive. After what seemed like an eternity of walking and pain, he could finally see the blue, inviting ocean in the horizon. He began to run with no shame towards that sea. But the years of turmoil, malnutrition and pain soon began to manifest themselves on the final stretch of his journey. His legs gave out just as quickly he had began to ram and he fell crippled to the earth. This ,however ,would not stop him for he had walked too long to give up now. He stretched out his frail arm and grabbed whatever soil and dirt he managed to get his hand around and then slowly pulled himself forward. He continued in this meticulous manner for a few minutes until he could go no farther. He simply stopped breathing. Little did he know that he had died just yards from his final destination.
This story gives an unrivaled image of the spiritual journey that we as Christians have embarked on. We toil and squirm and strive for the end yet we die just yards before the our home. This ,however ,was never God's intention. God promised rest and peace in His love yet so many Christians live their life never experiencing such bliss. This is where we must realize that we have simply been missing the big picture. It is extremely difficult to articulate this any further. Simply put is that God desires much more than what we have settled for. I truly believe that this generation, that MY generation can come to a place of truly experiencing this Divine life, but like i have said previously: this will take extreme intentionality and devotion to the life style of Christ. This will seem to some as impossible-- how can one ever live like Christ? But maybe this is the exact mentality that placed us in this position. We must not forget that ALL things are possible with Christ who gives us strength and this includes living the godly life that God has called us to.


  1. We may not be able to be like Christ but we can all try to live like Christ. We should do our best to follow in His footsteps. God bless you.

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